Today is the Beard’s birthday!

Since I usually only give him love on Hug a Ginger Day, I thought I should show him some love on his birthday this year too. Especially since I’m not winning any Wife of the Year awards this year. Well, not yet. I will most certainly deserve some kind of award when #2 makes their appearance, but this is not about me.

So this is the Beard, my Beard:

a smiling Beard

He’s awesome, and he’s everything I’m not. He’s tall. He’s bearded. He’s good at sport. He’s the guy who can talk to anyone and everyone in the room, if he knows them or not. He’s the guy who always makes sure your glass is full. He’s the guy who goes out of his way for his friends. He’s the guy who will do anything for his little family (especially Bacon Baby J). He’s the guy who makes me laugh like no one else can. He’s the person who makes me feel safe even when things aren’t looking so rosy. He’s my partner-in-crime.

And did I mention he’s always the guy with the best beard in the room?

I mean, look at him:

My Beard, thank you for being the most amazing thing to have ever happened to our little family. I love you even though you can’t breastfeed, even though you cry with laughter any time I mention sympathy sobriety, even though you sometimes forget to put the wet wipes back in the nappy bag.

Happy happy birthday, old man,

and, of course, May the Fourth be with you,

love, your boys


Wedding photos: Juliette Bisset Photography

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