It’s not Father’s Day. It’s not his birthday. But I just wanted to send a shout out to the amazing specimen of a beard I get to call my husband. I don’t think it’s done often enough (for husbands and fathers in general) and now seems to be a good time to let the man know how appreciated he is.

So, why all the fuss about the Beard?

Well, we’re right back in the thick of things. Little S is almost 3 weeks old. He’s breastfeeding like a demon, sleeping like a champion in the day and crying like a mofo at night. I’ve had a difficult recovery from my caesar this time around and am still recovering from being a grumpy ass for the last 9 months so I’m not the easiest to be around. Sleep deprivation is real for us right now and that, coupled with hours and (painful) hours of cluster feeding has me uber hormotional at (all) times. Add to that the fact the Baby J is not our biggest fan right now and I’ve already had my fair share of dark moments in the last three weeks. Little S is most definitely a lot easier than J (I have no idea how we even survived those first few months with him let alone stayed married) but this rollercoaster is rough even at the best of times.

Plus I smell like off milk and baby poo.

The Beard, on the other hand, is being a hero. He has also had to deal with interrupted sleep but has still managed to keep his sense of humour (which is more than I can say for myself sometimes). He’s dealt with all household duties – making sure we have electricity, grocery shopping, cooking, preparing food for Baby J, making fires every night, and making me tea or pouring me wine depending on my mood. Just generally being a rock star. He has had to put in extra quality time with Baby J because of aforementioned toddleriness and justifiable sibling confusion, which he has done happily and which allows me extra time to sleep or feed (oh the joys of motherhood). He even took me (and Little S) out for a date night last week so I could stuff my face with pasta.

But, to top it all off, we’ve had my mom living with us since Little S arrived, so the Beard has had to take care of all of us AND live 24/7 with his mother-in-law – and all of this without complaint. I mean, they just don’t make them like that anymore.

Thank you, my love, for being who you are and being our beard

Photo credit: Juliette Bisset (bottom left) and Sofi Dadourian (bottom right)

the Bird and the Beard