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I’ve always been a fan of solitaire, ever since I was a kid (whatever that says about the amount of friends I had!). These days I don’t really have time to play games but the boys are getting more and more interested.

We’ve had screen limits since they were born, but now they are 5 and 6 they have tablets and are allowed to play on weekends and holidays (within reason). Of course they’ve tended towards ninja and racing games, but I’ve been happy to see their tastes are changing.

J is currently obsessed with chess – and I’m not complaining. Seb is not there yet but both enjoy playing ludo and word, number and colouring games.


I found this old-skool-style free site ( where they have games like solitaire and mah-jong for me, and logic games, matching and word games for the boys – and chess! I’ve also discovered wordoku.

The games have different levels and different themes, so you don’t have to see the same graphics all the time.


And it’s totally free.

I’m all about finding cool apps or websites that are educational as well as entertaining for the boys. I’ve spoken before about Twinkl and also Reading Eggs, both of which I think are great. I’m definitely adding to the boys’ tablets.


And who knows, maybe in the new year I’ll find time to play games myself!