We’ve just hit single digits in our countdown to #2. Single digits! 9 weeks until our little one arrives!

Fear. Anxiety. Excitement. Disbelief. Yip – I’m going through it all right now. Amazing how even though it’s the second time round the emotions are still pretty much the same.

How do I deal with all these feelings? I organise. I’ve started putting together my hospital bag (I have a sneaky feeling this little person is going to make a surprise entrance) and I’m slowly sorting out #2’s cupboard – in other words, I’m moving stuff from Baby J’s cupboard to #2’s room :-)

I’ve also started thinking about all the things I need to think about when it comes to me and this ginormous operation I’m going to have and the beating my body is going to take from birth and recovery and breastfeeding. I’ve already sent the Beard on a mission to get my special nipple cream, I’ve added all the ingredients of jungle juice to my shopping list and then Happy event sent me a package of antenatal creams so I don’t have to worry about stretch marks. How’s that for the universe making things happen?

I’ll be honest though, I’ve seen Happy Event products before in Clicks and Pick n Pay and Dischem but I’ve never been tempted to buy them. Call me superficial, but the packaging to me is very 90s and kinda old-skool, but not in the cool way. (It’s been tried-and-tested for over 50 years so maybe they haven’t wanted to mess with something that worked). Choosing Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp as their brand ambassador has done a lot for their street cred, if you ask me, and since the timing was so perfect I thought I’d give it a try.

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp for Happy Event

What did I think?

Let’s just say I was reminded of the saying: don’t judge a book by its cover.

Two big things for me when it comes to moisturiser is smell and absorbability – how easily it is to be absorbed, in case that’s not  a word. I’m not a big fan of big smells when it comes to body lotions and I also don’t really like rubbing cream into my skin for 10 minutes to prevent it looking like Allan Donald-style sunscreen. Thankfully, the Happy Event creams win on both counts.

There is an unscented and a scented version and, surprisingly, I prefer the scented version. It’s a very subtle fragrance and it’s really gentle and unoffensive. The cream has olive oil in it which you’d think would make it oily (duh) but it doesn’t and of course that means the cream has all the cool stuff that olive oil has – Vitamins A and E, Beta Carotene, Squaline, Lanolin and Dimethicone (if you have no idea what of those things are or what they do, you can find out here).

Of course, I can’t tell you if it prevents stretch marks because I don’t know yet but I can tell you that I will keep using it twice a day until #2 arrives, and probably after that anyway. I didn’t get any stretch marks with Baby J but #2 seems to be quite a bit bigger and you never know so I’m going to keep using it on a just-in-case basis*.

*Just in case I lose the baby weight, the Beard says. Haha, I say, putting a blanket and pillow on the couch.

*****Happy Event Giveaway*****

Happy Event antenatal massage creams

Lucky for all you soon-to-be mamas, I have a hamper of Happy Event antenatal creams to give away to celebrate your almost-Mother’s Day. Hop on over to my Facebook page to enter.

Disclaimer: I was given the product to try and for the giveaway but all the opinions are my own.

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