Today I get to finally let you all in on our not-very-well-kept secret!

The reason I decided to go away last weekend and take some time for myself was because I’ve been feeling a bit *ahem* under the weather, so to speak. Yip. Up the duff, knocked up, eating for two  – call it what you will, our 2018 just got real.

Oh, did I mention this means we’ll be joining the 2 under 2 club?

Talk about frightening stupid exciting!

We’ve just had our 13 week scan which thankfully showed us that the little bubble is a-ok and doing well. Tall, with big lips, which is totally not me so don’t really know how it got in there but let’s not get awkward.

I fell pregnant in October, so I had a very sober festive season – for the second year in a row! How’s that for bad timing! So yes, if you’re trying to do the maths, in 2017 I was pregnant, had a baby and was pregnant again. My poor body doesn’t know what it’s done to deserve this, but rest assured I’ve been feeding it lots of carbs to make it feel better. And now I have the perfect excuse for not getting my pre-baby body back. I mean, what would’ve been the point – why lose the weight if you’re going to put it all back on 6 months later?

A lot of people have been quite surprised that I’m pregnant again so soon, which I’ve thought is a bit odd. Many of our friends have an age gap of almost two years between their children. In other words, they’ve waited until #1 was a year old and then they went for #2, which would give an age gap of 21 or so months. Baby J will be 16 months when #2 arrives – I know they grow up quickly but I’m not sure there’s really that much difference between the two scenarios.

I mean, chaos is chaos.


Anyway, on the plus side, we’re basically just passing everything on from Baby J as soon as he grows out of it – car seat/pram (one and the same for us, with the Doona), cot, clothes, etc etc. We’re still right in the middle of the dirty nappies and sleep issues, so it’s not like we’ve forgotten how to change a nappy or what it’s like to survive on 20 minutes of sleep a night (which someone with a four-year old might have) which I think is a definite positive. And our house is already baby-proofed!

But we by no means have our heads in the sand.

We’re not stupid.

We are ready for a bumpy ride and have already called in the reinforcements (my mom is coming to stay for a few months when Baby #2 arrives – well, as long as she can handle it). I am trying to get my head around the logistics of two because I feel I’ve only just gotten used to the logistics of one, but I’m sure we will get through it, just probably with a few  lot more grey hairs and bigger suitcases under my eyes. But whatever.

Isn’t this what I signed up for?

And then in a couple of years I’ll have my two gorgeous little munchkins and they’ll be their own little people and I can go back to being me/mom and not just mom. And I’ll be sitting in my garden watching my kidlets play nicely with each other (hahahahaha), drinking my wine while other moms will be pregnant and bored and eyeing my glass bottle jealously…and how I’ll laugh and laugh and laugh.

But seriously, though, any tips or advice for the impending storm are most welcome!