If you’re new here, let me introduce you to my little corner of the internet. Excuse the mess, but I wasn’t expecting guests.

Anyway, let’s talk about where the Bird and the Beard came from, because I never saw it coming.

This is a poem written by my bestie. She is an extremely talented women who was my maid of honour at our wedding. She surprised myself and the Beard with this poem as her speech, and she couldn’t have gotten it more spot on.


Drinking tea by the litre,

A pile of books as high as a metre.

Her life was great…or so she thought,

She was a bird, that couldn’t be caught.

Her thoughts were big and bright and clever,

Her answer to settling down, never!

‘I know what, I’ll travel the globe’,

Some might call her a commitment phobe.

Flying here and flying there,

Doing what others would never dare.

She didn’t need to have a plan,

For she hadn’t met her perfect man.

She’d pictured him, but he got blurry,

Though funny enough, he was never furry.

Yes, it’s safe to say he came out of the blue,

When our little bird, had not even a clue.

No book could prepare her for what was to come,

But we all know this bird and that beard are not dumb.

Although they were different, they were also the same,

And the spark that was started, would turn into a flame.

‘I’ve finally found you, I’ve been looking for ages,

Come with me now and we’ll live in these cages.’

Well, needless to say, our bird was not sure,

But have faith in the beard, for he had a cure.

‘I see you may need a little convincing,

said the beard to the bird with a  smile.

Follow me, I have something to show you,

It’s not far, and it won’t take a while.

Her led her along, while she carried his heart,

He led her through fear that they’d ever be apart.

And when they got to the very end,

He told her to peek around the bend.

She knew in her bones what she hoped to see,

He patiently waited, down on his one knee.

She peered around, and then back at the beard,

Immediately forgetting all that she feared.

With this as an offer, they would surely be fine,

For around that corner, was plenty of wine.

Though mountains and valleys,

through those lows and those highs

They flew there together up into the skies.

The bird gave up roaming, for she’d now found her place,

It was here, it was now, as she looked at his face.

She felt so complete, our beard he did too,

So into the sunset together they flew.

They were always happy, no matter the weather,

After all they were two, two birds of a feather.

And although this story now comes to a close,

What  becomes of our pair, well nobody knows.

The future looks bright and sunny and clear,

And deep down they know, they have nothing to fear.

The road is long, but with that they can cope,

And happy forever is all we can hope.