About The Bird and The Beard

Introducing the bird (me, Kirsten) and the beard (my husband, Dave). We’re a 40-something couple from Cape Town, starting a family (1 x Jeremy, 1 x Sebastian, 1 x Bacon, 1 x Brie) and quickly realising we have no idea what we’re doing. Which is fine, because not many people do (even though they may seem like they do).

When I fell pregnant, I soon realised that social media is not exactly honest at all times and pregnancy is not all butterflies and rainbows as Facebook and Instagram would have me believe. I came to realise that no matter how much reading I had done on the subject, I was completely unprepared for the change that was about to take place in my life and it was really frustrating to think that nobody felt the need to tell me the things that really mattered until I was already experiencing them myself.

Daschund puppy sleeping
the bird and the beard insan sebastian

I found it amazing how the narrative changed along the journey, how the conversations I was having changed from happy, smiley chats to much deeper, darker confessionals

So I decided to start this, both as a record of my pregnancy and my son’s childhood, but also as a way of providing information on the things I wish I’d known before: the ugly side of pregnancy and motherhood which people don’t like talking about (because then we’re not competent women or some other rubbish like that).

This not going to be all tissues and Myprodol, because there are actually good moments on this parenting journey, but stay tuned for a healthy dose of reality.

If you would like to collaborate, please contact me on kirsten@thebirdandthebeard.co.za