A few weeks ago I booked myself into an Airbnb for a night away from the kids, the Beard, the dog, everything. I did this last year when I was pregnant with S and I’ve decided this will be an annual occurrence. I don’t go far and I only go for a night, so if things decide to go remarkably pear-shaped at home I can always come back – but only if really really necessary!

While this is a bit of a momcation I actually do it for work. I’m a writer and work from home and sometimes I feel like I could get more done if I had my own office. Taking 24 hours and being able to write or read or study or sleep or bath or whatever is really liberating and relaxing. I accomplish so much in those few hours and come home feeling like a new person and a much happier, more patient mom/wife.

Ok, so in reality I stay in bed, watch Love Island and eat lots of cake but if I can do that and work at the same time, who’s to say it’s wrong?

Anyway, this time around there were a few things I noticed about myself and my life.

I need to moisturise more

My skin is really, really dry, and I don’t think I can totally blame it on winter. I’m one of those people that only moisturise the places that people are going to see – my face, my arms, my hands and sometimes my legs. And I’ve got tubs and tubs of moisturiser in my bathroom cupboard!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen myself naked

A long, long while. Not totally happy with what I saw but not totally unhappy either, considering the yoyos my body has been through the last few years (thanks, kids). Also considering I was drinking a glass of wine and eating a ginormous plate of dumplings right before.

Opposites really do attract

The Beard and I are similar in many ways – we are both stubborn, short-tempered, loyal and loving (yes both Taureans) – but we are totally different in many other ways. A night away with just myself is my idea of heaven. Some sunshine and a spa would’ve been nice too but the peace and quiet was incredibly recharging for me. If this was the Beard’s night away you know he would’ve invited everyone on Facebook over to the AirBnB for a braai.

You can never get away from your kids

All parents will know this. No matter how far away you are or how long you are gone, you will always hear their cries and their laughter in your head. I even had Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as background music in my brain for most of the day. Funny, but you never remember how annoying they are until you get back home.

I love my work

I’m very lucky that I genuinely love my work. The Beard will never understand this but when I get time to myself, most times instead of sleeping or going for coffee, I’d rather be working. I’m also lucky because I freelance so my work is really flexible – meaning late nights or naptime sessions are regular occurrences but totally acceptable and not unenjoyable.

I need time to properly think

Our lives right now are pretty hectic. There’s not even anything massive going on at the moment but there is always something going on. We have really long days thanks to S waking up at 5 and us wanting some quiet time after J has gone to bed at 7.30, and they are crammed full of … stuff. School and music and swimming and playing and doctor’s appointments and shopping and making food and work and paying bills and fixing things (because something always needs to be fixed) and socialising and family commitments and maintaining friendships and and and… There’s often not more than a minute than I’m by myself and in a quiet space, so I don’t get much chance just to think. Which I need to do more of.

father and son walking in forest holding hands

They will survive

They always do. I don’t know why, but I’m always slightly surprised when I come home and everything seems relatively normal. To be honest, I think the kids are at an age where they don’t realise half the time that I’m gone. Which means I get to do it all again next year!

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