The book: Clever Count Photo Book

What is it? 11 Double pages of photos of objects, grouped by colour. On each page there are a certain of objects to be found eg 1 suitcase, 2 presents, 3 handbags.

There are a few reasons we love this book.

First of all, the pages are hard. This is important for us right now because J (just over 2) can be rough with books and S (12 months) just wants to eat them.

Secondly, they are beautiful. The colours are bright and the items jump out of the pages. What is smart is that the objects are not all the same ie if you’re looking for 8 strawberries, they’re all different sizes and look different. So it’s not so easy for the kiddies to find them.

J absolutely loves this book. He spends ages (well, more than a few minutes) at each page telling whoever will listen what he can see. We’re not yet on the counting part (well, not accurately anyway) but we try to get him to identify more than one of each item.

This book is definitely a keeper and there is a Clever Colo(u)rs book which I’d love to add to our collection!

Disclaimer: This book was gifted to us by Clever Publishing but I really am in love with it right now.

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