Yesterday we said goodbye to our first home. It might not seem like a big deal and it’s a weird thing our attachment to houses, but it affected me more than I realised it would.The last week or so has been spent packing boxes and organising movers and change of addresses and all the admin that goes with moving houses – AND Baby J’s 1st birthday in the middle of it all – so when the house was finally empty it was a huge relief, but then I felt this incredible sadness too.

Could be the pregnancy hormones, who knows, but I was surprised by how emotional I felt. Empty houses are either full of promise or full of memories and this one has so many memories for me, the Beard, Baby J and Bacon. The Beard and I are only just starting on this family journey and this house has been there from the beginning.

It was the first property we bought together – after happening to walk past while it was on show and looking at it for 10 minutes;

front yard


it was where the Beard proposed – in our garden with the most insane bottle of bubbles;

back yard entertaining area and deck


it was where we brought up our first furbaby;

mini daschund sleeping


it was where both our human-babies were conceived (sorry, TMI I know);

and it was where Baby J spent the first year of his life.

baby with balloons

All that in less than five years.

This house is a part of our history.

Anyway, cry over (definitely hormones). Onwards and upwards and onto our new (fabulous) house and new memories – and a new baby and multiple new furbabies :-)

We move in in the middle of the month and then I can get stuck into decorating Baby J’s room and #2’s room – excitement levels off the charts! I mean, who needs to work when you can be spending your time choosing wall art and fluffy bunnies?

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