Wow what a month. I mean, I knew this month was going to be crazy but this was a whole ‘nother level crazy.

So what’s been going on?

Well, we moved. That’s the first thing. We moved out of our old house at the end of February and entered that weird limbo you go to in-between houses – otherwise known as the in-laws house! Are you feeling my pain yet*?

*sidebar:  I have absolutely fabulous in-laws. Totally supportive and present. They may be slightly mental at times but then whose parents aren’t?

Staying at the in-laws has been fine but crazy, most of all because of our little dog Bacon who barks at, humps or pees on most things including their dog. Our stay coincided with some family coming down from the UK for a family wedding so then that added another layer of crazy on top of ours.

Anyway, we were finally able to move in to the new place a week ago.

I’ve spent the last week unpacking, throwing away crap that should’ve been thrown away years ago, trying to identify things that have lost all colour, shape and form, and packing away boxes I couldn’t deal with.

The great thing about moving into a bigger house is the discovery of cupboards. Did you know you can put boxes in a cupboard, close the door and no one will ever know there is anything up there – not even you?! Genius!

We have also been painting and fixing things and doing all the random little things you have to do when you move into a new house that you weren’t expecting. The previous owner didn’t know where her water meter was, so there was that; the one bedroom had luminous pink wallpaper, so there was that; we now have a pool which needs a cover, so then there was that; we discovered a bee hive, so there was that. And it goes on and on.

But I think what I didn’t really count on was the whole pregnancy thing. I’m now 21 weeks and kinda watermelon-shaped. Walking up and down all day and taking things out boxes and putting things in cupboards really took its toll on me. Every day I would start out all energetic and ready to finish the house, but by lunch time I would ache all over and my brain would be really mushy. Plus I can’t even pick anything up which means everything takes a kajillion times longer.

And then Baby J got sick. Fever for days, tonsilitis and hand, foot and mouth. Poor little poppet. He’s never been like that before, when he’s obviously feeling so crap he just wants to be held and he holds on and rests his hot little cheek on your shoulder and just sleeps. I must say, the house was so peaceful that first day when he was so sick. Then the fever went away but the crapness remained and the screaming and vomiting started. All of a sudden we were back in the bad ol’ days of waking up screaming every couple of hours (and us trying not to wake up the whole house) – with a nice big vom on mom in the middle of the night for good measure.

Did I mention we thought the Beard had listeriosis?

So yes, it’s been a looong couple of weeks. I could feel it was taking its toll on me physically and emotionally; the clincher was probably when I burst into tears making a cup of tea when I realised I had vomit in my hair. So I have taken myself away for a little staycation and it’s amazing how stepping out of the chaos even for a day or two can make a world of difference.

March madness and a much-needed staycation  March madness and a much-needed staycation








It feels like I did this just the other day (which shows you just what a year it’s been) but that was 2 months ago. There’s definitely a sense of momguilt hanging around me – because we’ll never get rid of that* – but I keep reminding myself that this is necessary. My family needs me and I need this. Besides, the Beard is perfectly capable of looking after J, sorting out the painting of the house and going to a kidlet’s birthday party without me. In fact, right now he’s probably doing it a whole lot better than I can.

And I can work and sit and breathe and just be, in peace. But I’m not going to lie: I miss my boys.Baby crawling a smiling Beardmini-daxie

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