Ok, can I take a moment and not talk about babies? Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids (most of the time) but the one thing about being stuck in the trenches with a newborn is that all you seem to talk about is nappies and gas. It’s the only thing on your mind and you don’t have time to read and you can only watch crap on TV because you’re so tired you find it difficult to follow anything more complex than Friends. Plus the friends who come to visit don’t really know what to talk to you about so they feed you chocolate biscuits and end up asking the same questions – Is he sleeping? Are you breastfeeding? How are you feeling?

[It’s like the minute you have a baby people assume your brain stops working. Which it does, to a certain extent, but I’m still interested in stuff besides babies and I’m still capable of having a conversation that doesn’t involve bodily fluids.Just saying.]

But enough of that. Today I want to talk about my house. I’m totally in love with my house. We moved in at the end of March and even though I swore I’d never buy a fixer-upper, there’s loads of things we need to do to the house to make it our dream house. We’ve started with a few small (hahaha) projects – giving the garden some TLC, painting inside and renovating the bathrooms. What a difference some paint and a good clean can do.

There’s lots more I want to do but my bank account has told me in no uncertain terms that I need to postpone my plans for a while. Which makes me sad. But whats makes me happy is finding things I can add to my space to make my house pretty.

So I thought I’d share with you some cool things I’ve found to put in my nice new space:

1.These amazing framed photos from Natascha van Niekerk.

Natascha van Niekerk


We needed something to fill a wall in our TV room and add some colour. I’m a big fan of proteas so when I found Natasha’s shop I completely fell in love with these photos. And they are beautiful.

* Disclaimer: this is not my bedroom. I wish it was. My prints are up in our TV/living room but my photos did not do them justice. This is a pic from the website.

2. This scatter from Jislaaik.

Jislaaik scatter cushion

I was lucky enough to be gifted this scatter from Jislaaik but I’d had my eye on their site anyway. It was the perfect item to add some colour to the room and isn’t the print amazing?


4. These beauties from Mervyn Gers

Mervyn Gers is a ceramics studio based in Cape Town. I love his designs and the fact that his pieces are one-of-a-kind. While we do use these whenever we can, when we don’t need them I have them on display anyway, just because they’re so cool.

Anyway, the rad thing about all these is that they are made by totally local designers/artists. We have so many talented people in this country and it makes sense to support them whenever we can – and also because they’re just awesome.

I must confess I have loads of other locally-produced things in my house I could talk about here, but my little newborn doesn’t want me to work today. Maybe I’ll do another post for you later.

Any local producers/artisans you think I should know about?

Disclaimer: I was gifted the scatter cushion from Jislaaik but my opinion is totally my own. the Bird and the Beard logo