Teething toddler ✓

Uncomfortably pregnant ✓

New house ✓

Bathroom renovations ✓

This is my life in a nutshell right now. Some people call me crazy (and this wouldn’t be the first time) but I actually think we’re being quite sensible.

Hear me out.

We moved into a bigger house when J turned one (now that was a hectic week: J’s 1st birthday, moving house and an out-of-town family wedding) because we knew #2 was on its way. Of course, what happens when you move into a new house is the house starts falling apart. Or at least you realise all the little things that don’t work like you want them to and you find all the weird stuff the previous owners had that just doesn’t work (a light switch behind the door? not one but two showerless bathrooms? a security gate that doesn’t lock?).

The obvious solution? Pinterest.

So my Pinterest went into overdrive and I we now have a long list of things I we want to do to the house. Some of these things are relatively quick – the bathrooms, the stoep, painting the walls – but others will take some time – the kitchen, building a wall. Now my idea was to get what we can get done done before #2 arrives. Surely it’s better to do it while pregnant than when I have to juggle two little poppets at the same time?

But, of course, it’s never that simple.

Baby J has been teething for a week or so. Four of his molars are coming out and he’s a proper little hormonal teenager right now. Stroppy and just generally unpleasant, the poor thing.

Speaking of stroppy and unpleasant, then there’s me! Thank goodness my hormones seemed to have turned a corner and aren’t raging as much as they were. I’m sure the Beard is quite relieved I’m sortof back to my old self. But the pregnancy is only getting more and more uncomfortable each day, which is fine because it means #2 is growing nicely but it’s still uncomfortable.

As for the renovations, so far so ok. Every day I drop the nanny and the two kids (the one furkid) off at the grandparents so they don’t have to play around in the dust and among the jackhammers. Then I go back home to answer the million questions I am asked. Do you know how many questions you need to ask to renovate a bathroom? More than 2.5 million, it seems.

bathroom renovations

Measurements, layout, colours, paint types, finishes.

Which way does the door open?

Do you want the bath with the centre waster or the end waste?

MDF or alpine wood?

And the tough thing is I don’t know any of the answers so I just take guesses, though that’s probably not the right way to go about things. I’m usually a smart woman so when I’m faced with literally 10 questions about a toilet that I can’t answer, my brain freezes and I get all giggly and nervous. It’s pathetic but it’s real. Decision fatigue. I’m totally over it.

But I have all the support in the world and I have a beautiful new house. And a baby on the way. So even though none of my pants fit anymore, I have to leave the house to use a bathroom (long story) and I have heartburn for days, I know I’m still so lucky. I never thought my life would turn out the way it has (who expects to fall in love with a bearded ginger?) but now that I have it like this, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

5 weeks until #2 arrives. We still have to choose names, decorate the nursery, pack my hospital bag. Bloody hell – more decisions – wish me luck!

Featured image: by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

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