One of the biggest mental hurdles to overcome when you are pregnant is your changing body. It might seem obvious but until it happens to you you won’t really understand. There, I said it. I swore I would never pull the you-won’t-understand card but I just did and I don’t care. Because when it comes to maternity wear it’s true.

Whether you were pint-sized cheerleader size or plus-sized gladiator size, your body is going to change and you have no way of knowing what you are going to look like tomorrow. The one thing that’s for sure is that your stomach will grow, but even that is not as much of a guarantee as you would think : some people grow really big preggy bellies while with others you can barely notice they’re pregnant until they pop.

It’s not only your tummy. Your feet might grow up to a whole size bigger, you might wake up with cankles, your hands might swell, your boobs might turn into watermelons, you might develop acne and backne, you might grow a garden path…the list goes on and on.

In short, you will not feel like you.

Then there comes the day when you discover that none of your clothes fit anymore – guaranteed that’ll happen on a really bad day too, when you’re feeling really hormotional.

On the day that happened to me, I had a big, fat ugly meltdown and then I did what I do best: I went shopping. I’ll be honest, though, there isn’t a great range of maternity wear so I thought I’d be smart and buy non-maternity wear clothes that me and my tummy could grow into (with the bonus that they could be my fat clothes afterwards).

To save you some time, here are my top tips for finding maternity wear that you will actually want to wear:

  • H&M maternity skinny jeansDress from Edit from feeding topsWoolworths feeding bra
  • head straight to H&M and buy a few pairs of their maternity jeans. They’re so awesome you’ll probably still wear them when you don’t need to.
  • Spree usually has some versatile dresses which can work for maternity wear.
  • buy some feeding tops (also from H&M or Woolworths). Even when you don’t need maternity clothes anymore you’ll need feeding clothes and you don’t want to have to go shopping with your newborn.
  • Don’t buy extra big pregnancy-boob bras. Buy feeding bras. Your bra size won’t change that much once you’ve given birth – it may even go up a size (!) and with the amount of boob unstrapping you will be doing when you are feeding you need to invest in a few good feeding bras.

And always remember: when people comment on how big you are looking, they don’t mean what they say. They are being stupid and cannot be held responsible for their ignorance.

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