If a friend or family member is expecting a tiny human, chances are you will be invited to the baby shower. Baby showers can seem lame to anyone who has not had a kid yet but they are surprisingly sentimental affairs. They are usually thrown at a stage when you are a bundle of raging hormones more hormonal than usual so when all your closest friends come together to celebrate your soon-to-arrive baby it’s really quite touching.

Plus: gifts for days!

Having a baby and raising a kid is expensive – even being pregnant is expensive these days – so anything that will help you on your journey is definitely appreciated. Before I fell pregnant with J I would feel silly giving “boring” things like nappies and bum cream, but when it’s you, you realise how important all those things are.

On the other hand, it’s nice to give something that is a bit out of the ordinary or extra-special to the mama-to-be. Something that’s useful but pretty and unexpected. So here are a few ideas I’ve had for a) boring but essential and b) alternative but still useful baby shower gifts.

Boring but essential baby shower gifts

  • nappies – you don’t have to buy newborn sizes
  • bum cream, body wash etc – love the Pure Beginnings range
  • wet wipes
  • disposable nappy bags
  • dummy clips
  • plug protectors
  • hand santizer


Alternative but still useful babyshower gifts

  • Jean Kelly nappy bag – or any nappy bag that is gorgeous and can be used as a bag afterwards
  • a nice bottle of champagne
  • a magazine subscription
  • meals from a meal delivery service
  • recipe books for baby food
  • a personalised birth announcement
  • a voucher for a pregnancy massage
  • a voucher for a mani or a pedi
  • a nose frida – gotta love snot-sucking
  • a baby bullet – it won’t be long before baby is eating food and this is such an awesome piece of equipment to have in the kitchen
  • jungle juice ingredients

So there you have it. No need to give the same gifts as everyone else – think outside the nappy bag and go for something a bit different but still totally useful.

Featured image:  Kelly Neil on Unsplash 

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