The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

In honour of World Book Day, which was on Monday (23 April), I thought I’d let you in on a little secret: it’s a story about a little boy who lost his name.

When he eventually figured out what his name was, can you guess what it was?

open book


Well, not really. Wonderbly is an amazing company which makes personalised story books. There are quite a few around so this is not a new idea, but the quality of this book is far better than any other I’ve seen. The story is great, the illustrations are gorgeous; it’s just beautiful.

How does Wonderbly work?

There are a range of different stories to choose from, from The Birthday Thief to The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home to The Power Within. Each story incorporates some personal elements from the child’s life, be it their name, birth date, personality characteristic or something along those lines.

You fill in whatever information the book requires, you choose what the main character (your child) looks like and you can preview the story before you order it.

How much does Wonderbly cost?

It is an overseas company, which means the price is in dollars or pounds and you’ll need to pay delivery but I had the book delivered to my sister-in-law in London who brought it with her when she came to visit which saved us time and money.

There are a few options for the format of the book (soft cover vs hard cover, for example) and our soft cover book was $24.99 and at the moment they are offering a 15% discount sitewide.If you need it to be delivered to South Africa, it costs $15 for 1 book, $17 for 2 books, $19 for 3 books or $20 for 4 or more books.

If you’re looking for a cool birthday present, these books are definitely a good idea!

Let me know if you’d like me to review any other books for kidlets :-)


This is NOT a sponsored post!