Looking for a nanny training course? Read on…

I am the first to admit that I would struggle a lot more with parenting if I didn’t have my village. My husband, my parents, my in-laws – those are all essential parts of my parenting village. But we have also been privileged to have had nannies who have made it possible for myself and Dave to both work full-time while we have small children.

At the beginning of last year, our nanny who has been with us since before J was born, resigned abruptly. We had to scramble to make a plan. Considering it’s not the best time to have people traipsing through your home for interviews, I was quite selective in who I invited to interview. I found a wonderful woman but she didn’t have extensive experience with children (though she has her own). Her personality and energy and vibrance persuaded me to give her a chance. Her name is Gift, so I thought that was a bit of a sign too!

But then there was the issue of childcare.

We decided to change things up a bit. While previously we had a full-time nanny, this time we thought it was time for a change because the kids are both at school now. So we chose to have a nanny 3 days a week and an au pair 2 afternoons a week.

Because Gift did not have any formal nanny or childcare training I decided to enrol her on a nanny training course. We sent her to Sugar and Spice Nanny Training.

Sugar and Spice Nanny Training

Sugar and Spice offer a range of different courses and workshops: a Kids Play workshop, an Eco Household workshop, and a Family Cooking workshop (coming soon). We signed Gift up for their Nanny Training course.

This is both an online and in-venue course and luckily it was at a time we were able to send Gift on the in-venue course. They met every Tuesday for three hours for four weeks. They had a small class of five nannies and the amazing Kim was their trainer.

During the course, they covered:

  • routines
  • time management
  • child safety
  • nutrition and hygiene, and
  • growth and development

But for me the most important for me was that it includes a whole day of First Aid training, given by a First Aid professional.

The nannies are given workbooks which they work through on the nanny training course and they are given homework after each session.

What do I think of Sugar and Spice?

As an educator myself, I was happy to see what was included in the coursebook and the activities the nannies were given for homework. As an employer, I was thrilled to see the effect this course had on Gift. After every session, she would tell me everything she learnt and the next day she would show me her homework. Since she has done the course I have noticed how she changed the way she was around the kids and how her awareness around safety and the kids has definitely improved.

If you’re looking for a course to upskill your nanny, check out the Sugar and Spice Nanny Training website for details of the next course near you.