I’m a big fan of photos. I usually look crap in them (that’s a fact, not a fishing expedition) but I’ve always loved taking them. Now that I have a family I have changed from taking photos of landscapes and food to taking photos of my kids and my furbabies, but I’ve realised the need to have photos with me in them too. And the Beard.

Enter the amazingly talented Sofi Dadourian.

This Argentinian beauty is a friend of mine who has used her outrageous talent to make memories of our family. I recently realised I’ve been keeping her a secret but I thought it was about time I shared the love.

We’ve used Sof for three family shoots so far, and they’re all goodies. So prepare for some family spam!

The first was a newborn shoot with J in 2017.

The next time was just over a year later (I know, I know) when J was 16 months and S was about to make his appearance:

Then we did our last shoot with Sof in September, this time with all four of us – J is 2.5 and S is 14 months. Poor S definitely got second child syndrome without a newborn shoot but things were a little crazy back then. These more than make up for that. He’ll survive.

Aren’t they just the most beautiful boys?

If you’re looking for some magic in your life, contact Sof.

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