Don’t you just love stationery?

As a teacher and a writer, I have always had a love-love relationship with stationery. If it’s pretty or cute and belongs in my office, count me in! If you ever need to buy a present for me (my birthday’s in May – just saying), all I ever ask for are notebooks, pens, cards, printed quotes, random decorative objects.

(But if the Beard asks, also perfume, flowers and spa days.)

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I discovered local shop The Papery last year when I needed a diary. I was curious because it was called a Mom diary, and if you’re a mom you know there are so many things to keep track of. The Mom diary is different to a usual diary because it has useful information like school terms, recipes, to-do-lists, first aid tips, extra-mural timetable, and loads of space to write notes and reminders. I just love the layout and it served me well over the year.

Of course, since there has been no need for a diary in 2020 (am I the only person who buys a diary a few months into the year?), I haven’t bought one this year but I still enjoy checking out The Papery once in a while to see what’s on offer.

Let’s be honest, the diary for 2020 is a notebook, isn’t it? When all dates blur into one and our social calendars are as empty as blank pages. But if you’re looking for gorgeous notebooks or journals, pretty stationery, or an optimistic diary for 2021, check out The Papery.

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