If you’re like me, you buy a bunch of bananas from the supermarket, go on a banana binge for a couple of days and then leave the last banana or two until they go all soft and slimy and black on the outside – not so great to eat but perfect to bake with.

That’s how I found two bananas in my fridge this morning, so I decided I really needed to make something with them. It was either going to be banana muffins or pancakes but because it was first thing in the morning I went with pancakes.

Here is my simple no-fail pancake recipe that I always use.

pancake recipe


I just added in the bananas and used less milk (just a cup). You just adjust it according to your preferred consistency –> flapjacks vs crepe-style. Serve them with cinnamon (for the little people) and bucketfuls of syrup (for yourself).

They worked out perfectly and best of all, Baby J absolutely hoovered them. Total mom win.