If you’ve been listening to my rambles for the last few years (because of course you have) you’ll know that a big thing in my life has been about a work-life balance.

My family is important but so is my work, so to make everyone happy I need to make sure I am organised, productive and happy. This year I’ve been super busy and it’s just been a whole lot of crazy in my life – with late nights and early mornings at my computer so I can still do all the mom-stuff during the day. It’s been quite hectic and it made me realise how important my time is.

If I don’t meet my work deadlines it affects me emotionally and I get so frustrated with myself, and that flows into other areas of my life. Nobody likes a grumpy, resentful mom.

Anyway I heard about a Grow Workshop on Time Management and Business Growth and decided I should try to put some order back into my life. I know my kids aren’t going to be little and so dependent on me forever but I also think it’s going to be quite a few years before I don’t have to try and squash a full-time job into part-time hours. And the kids certainly aren’t going to do anything about it so it’s up to me to make some changes.

The GROW workshops are run from in the southern suburbs. The groups are small so it has an intimate feeling to it. I felt totally out of my depth with a roomful of amazing small business owners but it was such an inspiring and motivating morning. Time management, personal growth – even marketing for this little blog of mine.

GROW Workshops are the brainchild of two remarkable women (and moms). Robyn Costa is a certified life coach and business coach who worked in marketing and customer experience at Getsmarter for 12 years, and Donna Preston has 14 years’ retail experience at Checkers and takealot.com, among others.

They are both equally impressive but what I loved about them was how accessible they are. I am “just” a teacher and a freelancer and blogger and these ladies have dominated massive boardrooms all over the place, but their workshop totally catered to me and my needs.

Over the course of a morning, we spoke about time management, personal productivity, business growth and marketing. The things that stuck out for me was the contrast between being busy and being productive, the time management model, the priority matrix and the importance of outsourcing.

As moms we know we can do everything, but that doesn’t mean that we have to. There are plenty of tools available for us to use that can make our lives easier (hello online shopping! ). Plus I need to learn to say no (both personally and professionally) and ask my husband/nanny/grandparents to help me out when I need more time. I am also prone to distraction so I need to make myself more unavailable during my work “hours” so I can get things done more quickly, which will make me more present when I’m with the boys.

But besides this being an incredible opportunity to learn from women who clearly know how to walk the walk and talk the talk, it was also a great opportunity to socialise, eat muffins and network. What more could you want from a weekday morning?

If you want to find out more about GROW and their workshops, you can find them here on Facebook

***** GIVEAWAY *****

Because I thought it was such a great workshop, I am giving away 1 ticket for one lucky person to attend :

the Time Management, Personal Productivity and Business Growth workshop on Wednesday 18 March 2020 OR

the the Personal Confidence, Business Vision and Achieving your Goals workshop on Wednesday 1 April.

The workshops are from 9am – 12.30 in Rondebosch, Cape Town, and the winner must be available on the day and able to get themselves to and from the venue.

To enter:

Competition closes Monday 16 March at noon.

Good luck!