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Let’s face it, the Beard and I are wine people. And we’re parents. So we’re really really wine people. Since the Beard happens to be in the wine industry (and that may or may not be the reason I married him), I asked him for his expert opinion on the top 10 wines for the summer…for parents (in no particular order).

Because we can parent without wine, but why would we?

1. Gabrielskloof Rosebud – a beautifully pink syrah/viognier rosé style wine which pairs well with those gorgeous summer evenings when the kids are playing nicely together, the parents are playing nicely together, and nobody’s crying/screaming/bleeding…ok wait, if that ever happens then you damn well better be popping a bottle of French champagne. But for other evenings when you tick at least one of those boxes (ok half a box), then you should be drinking this.

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2. Radford Dale Thirst Gamay Noir – a light red with notes of cherry which perfectly complements potty training, poo-ey underpants and poo on the couch. All things poo, basically. Top tip: throw the underpants away and move on.

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Radford Dale Thirst Gamay Noir

3. Crystallum Peter Max – a pinot noir bursting with the flavours of strawberry, blueberry and cranberry, perfect for a post-tantrum drink – or a mid-tantrum drink, or even a pre-tantrum drink – it’s delicious either way.

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4. Fram chardonnay – a crsipy, “zippy”, citrussy chardonnay with 8% chenin blanc, for those days when you’re solo parenting and struggling to remember why you decided to have children. If you must, one and done – that’s all I’m going to say.

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5. Usana Pinot Gris – the most fabulously crisp and refreshing wine with hints of pear, apple and honey to enjoy while ignoring screaming children, sibling rivalry and mommymommymommymommymommmymommymommymommy.

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6. Swerwer Chenin – a chenin with a combination of stonefruit and citrus flavours for those rare evenings when all the kids are asleep, in their own beds, and you’re still awake enough to watch five minutes of Netflix.

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Swerwer Chenin

7. Kolab Project Red “Disturbance Red” – teething. Enough said.

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project kolab

8. Spiderpig Bro/Zay – another rosé – because summer – a colombar/cinsault blend which pairs beautifully with grommets, ER visits or any other medical emergency.

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9. Flight of the Jackass Cinsault – a charming, easy-drinking cinsault from Alheit Vineyards, to savour after repeated episodes of projectile vomiting (because it’s never just one, is it?).

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10. And finally, Saltare Brut Nature – the perfect bubbly for back-to-school celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, break up days, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…

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There you have it: 10 wines to make every parenting situation bearable. You’re welcome. Because parenting is hard but parenting without wine is harder.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Beard part-owns Publik Distribution and SpiderPig Wines, but these are his own, honest opinions.

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