Yes it’s pretty late in the game to be worrying about Mother’s Day, but I’m quite sure there are a lot of you who need to pop out tomorrow morning and do a bit of a quick shop.

But do everyone a favour, don’t buy the usual Mother’s Day presents. Buy something she really wants.



Stereotypical, yes, but you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Flowers are my favourite thing to have around the house so whenever the Beard needs to score brownie points he knows he can get me a bunch of flowers and all will be good with the world again.


Saltare MCC

Another favourite of mine. It wouldn’t be a celebration without a glass of bubbly. Saltare is my new favourite but Le Lude comes a close second (and of course I won’t say no to French bubbles).



This is not just because I have all the aches and pains of being a mom. I have always believed in looking after yourself and a good massage will do just that. If the Beard doesn’t want to spend on a spa voucher he can get some massage cream and do it himself, or he can get a voucher for a mani/pedi – because that always makes me feel less lumpy/frumpy/grumpy.

A family day out…

family portrait

…with a difference! I love going out with my little family and I love spending time with the Beard and Baby J and Little S. What I’m not really enjoying at the moment is all the thinking that goes with something like that. It’s called the mental load of motherhood and it can really stress me out. So give me a day out somewhere nice, where I can just turn up and enjoy the day. No packing the nappy bag or organising food – and no changing nappies!

A morning lie-in…

Mother's Day gift magazine

…with a hot (!!) cup of tea and a magazine. I miss lots of things about my life BC but with the weather getting a bit colder, this is something I’m missing a lot at the moment. Waking up at 5.30 when it’s still pitch black outside when I’ve been up half the night is not my idea of a good morning, so a morning I can chill out in bed for a couple of hours before I need to tackle the momlife would be amazing.

If you think your SO would prefer to give you something a bit more gift-like, send him this link to the gift guide from Mommalikeme – it’s awesome.

Images: flowers by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash , bath by Jared Rice on Unsplash