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Okay friends, hold onto your hats. This week I’m recommending a moms and tots class.

If you know me at all (and if you don’t know me by now….) you’ll know I’m not a fan of baby classes. I did my fair share of classes with Baby J – all the usual ones you probably know – and I just couldn’t after a while. So I made a few lame excuses and signed J up for swimming, Clamber Club and Nanny ‘n Me because those are the least mommy-and-baby-ish.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the quality time with my children that bothers me, it’s the classes. Often I don’t like the teachers or I don’t agree with their opinions (usually construed as fact) or I find the activities not very exciting. And they always managed to be over nap time!

So when Jen from Busy Bubs invited me for a trial class at Busy Bubs in Lynfrae, I was the most sceptical – and I told her. But I decided to have a look anyway because Cat from Boots in the Big City had been going and her Instagram stories totally piqued my interest, and J and I were due some qt anyway.

Off we went, J and I, to Jen’s house for a Wednesday afternoon. And what fun J had.

The set up is the first to catch your (and their) eye: it’s both inside and outside and the littles are free to come and go as they please – there are no barriers. There is a lot of colour and a few things the kids always love – a slide, a tunnel, a posting activity – but also a few they wouldn’t usually see – messy play, wall puzzles, a chalkboard.

J didn’t know what to do with himself and happily ran off to explore before the class started. There were only three littles and their moms in the class and they were all happily running around throughout the class. We sang songs and did activities inside before heading out for the messy play and free play, before moving inside again to read books and sing more songs.

I think the reason I enjoyed this class so much is, first of all, because J clearly did. He usually takes time to warm up but for this he was game from the minute we got there even though he didn’t know the other kidlets.

But also because of the variety. It made me realise a lot of the other classes were very same-y and predictable. This had a really nice variety of activities to keep J entertained and engaged.

A few of the activities wouldn’t be hard to do at home , and Jen even told us they are meant to be replicated at home. In reality, though, they were very pinterest-worthy, which is totally not what the activities turn out like at home when I do them. Also, who has time to set up an activity which takes longer to clean up than the five minutes your kid plays with it?

And the teacher was awesome. The fact that three little humans were pretty much doing their own thing and she still managed to get them interested in the songs (thankfully different to the songs in the other classes) and activities, is massive. I love that she was able to let them run free but there was still a class that happened, and it didn’t seem to phase her in the slightest. I always shiver a little when teachers try to control little people, so it was refreshing that she didn’t and I could relax and not worry about J participating on his own terms.

In a nutshell, double thumbs up! If we weren’t stuck in traffic for 45 minutes coming home I would definitely take J to these classes more regularly.

If you’re interested in attending, classes are R140 a session (1.5 hours) and sign up is for a term. The classes cater for toddlers aged 1 – 3, but the main focus is for the awkward age of boddlers (baby toddlers) – ages 12 – 18 months. If you’d like to find out more, you can find Busy Bubs on Insta.

Disclaimer: Our class at Busy Bubs was a gift, but the opinions are all my own.

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