Christmas is here! 3 weeks to Christmas! Christmas Christmas Christmas blah blah blah.

If I have to hear one more person say how quickly this year has gone and how they can’t believe it’s already December 2018, I think I might vomit a little in my mouth. It’s been a loooong year and quite frankly I’m excited for next year.

Ok, that came across as very Grinch-like, so let’s try that again:

It’s Christmas!! Sunshine, bubbles, pooltime, family, food (all the food) – all the good stuff all at the same time. But all the festivities mean we need to  shop for Christmas gifts for our loved ones and our in-laws* and if you’re anything like me then you haven’t had a spare minute to think about gifts.

*just kidding. love my in-laws!

So I thought I’d help us all out a little bit and show you some of my favourite ideas for gifts this year. I’m a big fan of local so all of these come from amazing local brands. Enjoy!

A gift pack from Get Sauced

Get Sauced is a Cape Town-based company which prides itself on adding pizzazz to any meal with one of their simple sauces. Simple yet delicious, I might add. Honest cooking, fresh ingredients and flavour is what you can find in their sauces – so no preservatives, colourants, flavourings or sugar!

They have a range of different sauces on offer but they also have these brilliant gift packs which would make the perfect gift for any foodie, or your own kitchen. I mean, who doesn’t love a good sauce?

My pick would be this gourmet variety pack for R140, which includes Antipasti Sauce, Cocoa Nut Butter and Salted Caramel.

Get Sauced Variety-Pack

All Get Sauced products are available on their online store or at the Simply South Gift Fair.

A Bedtime Book Set from Panda Post

Panda Post was started by a teacher (and a mom) who wanted to provide age-appropriate activities to keep your little ones busy, as well as help them developmentally. Panda Post offers seasonal activity boxes, travel packs and books (my favourite) through the online shop. As an added bonus, wooden products are used wherever possible so as not to use plastic.

Their travel packs and playdough sets are popular choices, but my favourite is the Bedtime Book Set. It would make a great gift for a niece or nephew.

For R360 you receive a book bag and three books, including my two of my favourites Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You.

Panda Post Book Bag

All Panda Post products can be bought or ordered through their online store.

An Americana bag from Bomba

Bomba bags are locally designed and manufactured bags made of canvas and leather. They are super stylish and unisex – which basically means they come in all the cool colours I like – navy, black, olive, grey, white and beige, among others. The Betty was their flagship bag and other cool designs include a Baby Bag, a Laptop Bag, a Duffel Bag and a Wine Sak but I’m a fan of the shape of the Americana. An awesome gift for anyone wanting to be stylish while carrying their kitchen sink with them.

Bomba bag Americana

The Americana bag can be bought from their online store for R980 or you can find their range at your favourite local market.

The Real Meal Revolution Low Carb Cooking cookbook

The only excuse you may have for not knowing about the Banting diet and the Real Meal Revolution is 24-hour loadshedding, which is quite possible but I don’t think anyone can claim that (yet). The Banting diet has taken the local food and health scene by storm and I’m pretty sure contributed to the shortage of cauliflower in Constantia. It’s popular, in other words. The Real Meal Revolution has published a number of books and now also offer an online programme to guide you through your weight loss journey.

I’m not a particular fan of dieting (with wine on tap in my house it’s a bit hard) but I found I have a weird weakness for caulimash and their recipe books are simply beautiful.

My pick for this Christmas has to be their latest offering, Low Carb Cooking. It includes 300 (300!) recipes from creamy bacon onions and pork ramenless (get it?) to brie and mushroom frittata and mother-in-law’s coronation chicken. And the photos are just gorgeous! A great gift for anyone who is conscious of what they eat or who enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

Low Carb Cooking Cookbook

Low Carb Cooking can be purchased on for R375.

Spider Pig Rosé Brozay from Publik

What’s a gift list without any wine? Spider Pig is the brainchild of the Beard (and another Dave – there’s no shortage of Daves in Cape Town it seems) and I’m totally biased but it’s delicious. I mean, it’s rosé and it has a bearded ginger on the label – what’s not to love? Crisp, light and fruity, Spider Pig Rosé Brozay is the perfect accompaniment to any festive gathering you are having this year or a great Secret Santa gift for anyone. Except your kids, because it’s cute and all but it’s wine, and as much as we love them, they don’t deserve your wine.

Spider Pig Rose Brozay

Spider Pig Rosé Brozay can be bought from the Publik online shop for R95.

How’s that for organised? All my Christmas gifts sorted! And did you notice how they’re all available online so I don’t even have to stand in those horrible holiday queues at Woolies? Winning all round!

Featured image : Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
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