Deerpark cafe

Here’s another fabulous restaurant choice for you if you’re looking for somewhere to go with your kidlets. Deerpark Cafe  is a cafe/restaurant in Vredehoek. It’s location couldn’t be better: it borders on Rocklands Road park, meaning that there is a playground literally on the stoep of the restaurant. The playground is fenced off from the road but a hop, skip and a jump away from the restaurant. There are both inside and outside seating options, making it easy to enjoy your cup of coffee while your kidlet runs free in the playground.

We’ve been having such beautiful Autumn weather here these last few weeks (in-between the incredible rain) so a friend and I decided to have a catch up somewhere nice and sunny. The fact that it was a Monday hadn’t entered into our plans but thankfully we stumbled on Deerpark which was one of the few restaurants open in the area and which definitely fit the brief.

I’d been to Deerpark before for breakfast but I must say I enjoyed this lunch more than any breakfast I’ve had there. I went for the butternut dukkah wrap while my friend went for a burger. These choices may or may not have been influenced by their sides of chips but either way they were so good they were inhaled before I remembered to take photos. You’ll just have to believe me that they looked and tasted good.

Deerpark cafe

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually go there with J and he’s still a bit young to be able to enjoy the play area unsupervised but if you’ve got more than one set of hands around and are happy to tag-team it can still be a great place to go to even with littles.

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