or how a maternity bra saved my personality

This grumpy pregnant person has been feeling extra-specially grumpy lately since I’ve discovered that not many of my clothes fit anymore, even my maternity clothes. Now I’m okay with wearing my maternity leggings and some previously-baggy jerseys for the next three months, but the one thing I can’t handle is not having a bra that fits.

It’s such a simple thing, the boob sling, and yet when it doesn’t fit it can cause you so much grief. All my old maternity or feeding bras are now too small – meaning I’d put them on in the morning and an hour later there’d be major spillage issues – and so I was left wearing those almost-jogging bras or 2-in-1 tops which are just too much trouble for me to squeeze into right now.

Thankfully, I stumbled on this post by It’s a Mom’s Life and discovered Sophie and Jane.

Sophie and Jane are an online shop specialising in maternity and feeding bras. I know there are quite a few online shops doing this but when you see the ones on offer from Sophie and Jane you may understand why I got excited – they’re pretty cool.

But, being in the permanent grump that I have been, I didn’t want to take a chance with online shopping

(also because of my recent online shopping fail)

so I was a bit wary. Then I saw that Sophie and Jane offer a free fitting service. So off I went and I met Julia, the owner.

Let me tell you, this was the best thing I could’ve done. I was expecting just a measurement and a thanks-for-coming but I spent half an hour with Julia chatting about all things pregnancy and momlife. Impressively, she emphasised the fact that I should be buying a bra that will still fit for the rest of the pregnancy and afterwards – considering that I may still grow some more and then I’ll hopefully deflate quite a bit after – and she showed me what fit I needed to do so that I wouldn’t have to buy 52 bras for all my different boob-size days.

She also told me what to look for in terms of fit to make sure the bra fits well; my favourite bit was when she told me: “You’ll feel if it fits before you see it”. Doesn’t that make so much sense?

Funnily enough, even though the reason I was attracted to Sophie and Jane in the first place was because of this beauty

Fleur nursing bra

Fleur nursing bra

I didn’t actually like the look of it on (me). Instead I went for this beauty (one in black, and one in white), which is quite understandably a popular choice:

florence nursing bra

Florence nursing bra

At least that’s put a smile on my face for a little while – even though now that you’ve read this if you see me you’ll be imagining me in my bra.

*This is NOT a sponsored post – all opinions my own.

Featured image:ย byย Pablo Heimplatzย onย Unsplash

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