I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and I’ll probably keep saying it until my kids are old enough to look after themselves (35?), parenting is hard. A lot of the time it’s because you don’t actually know what you are doing, and some of the time it’s because it’s (dare I say it?) damn boring.

I can’t speak for older kids – because I don’t have any yet – but when your baby is a baby they are quite lump-y, in that they don’t do much yet still require an amazing amount of attention and care. Then when they start doing things, like holding spoons or bashing toys together or eating books then you need to find things to do with them that a) will stimulate them, b) they will enjoy, and c) don’t cost the earth.

I’ve never been a fan of buying Baby J every toy in the toy shop so I like to be selective in what I buy. The problem is that I have no idea what suits his age and developmental level. So when I discovered Poppet Post I really hoped I was onto a winner. I’m a big fan of subscription boxes and because this is a box for J I get all the shopping joy without the guilt.

What is Poppet Post?

Poppet Post is a bimonthly (every two months) subscription box of fun, educational toys, books and activities tailored to your child’s age and gender – up to the age of 5. The items are chosen based on the specific developmental milestones of each age. Each box is themed and includes information on how to use each item and general information on that particular developmental stage of your child. The boxes (from my experience) usually include a book, a couple of toys and an activity. The themes we’ve had have been dinosaurs, under the sea and back to school.


Now I realise this it’s not exactly rocket science to put a toy and a book in a box, but the point is that they’ve done their homework so you don’t have to. You don’t even have to think about buying toys for your kids because this will arrive in the post every two months and there’s enough to keep them busy until the next one arrives. Plus you can relax knowing that what they have chosen is totally suitable for your child. Winning all round.

Check out their website to see examples of past boxes and to sign up.

And because I think this is such a great product, we’re giving away a Poppet Post box to one lucky reader. Pop over to Instagram to enter the competition.

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